Sara & Kamila

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Sara & Kamila

Sara and Kamila are a unique and powerful duo. Their cross genre songwriting and creative harmonies have kept their audiences captivated for the past 7 years. They also perform an array of pop and jazz standards to which they add their own charm. They are accomplished instrumentalists. Their set often includes guitars, keyboard, flute, mandolin and theremin.  

“Sara and Kamila, with Ken Shorley on tabla, gave a short set distinguished by good arrangements, sweet voices beautifully blended and balanced harmonies and outstanding musicality.”

-Stephen Pedersen, Entertainment Reporter for The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, September 19, 2006.

"Sara and Kamila… were wonderful.  Most notable, I thought, was a palpable sense of humour and a relaxed exuberance, which won them many fans."

-Kevan Corbet, The Coast, Halifax, NS

“Kamila and Sara have more than just their sisterly bond in common, the Nova Scotian-born duo… are quickly cementing their place in the country's folk music scene”.

- Hans Rollmann, The Muse, St. John's, NL

[Sara and Kamila's] life experiences have developed their extensive musical repertoire. Each have developed their own style. Now when one composes a new song, the other creates a beautiful and sometimes haunting harmony to go with it…”

-Wendy Elliott, The Advertiser Kentville, NS  

Sara and Kamila have written and produced two full length CDs of original music and have toured extensively throughout Canada.  Their second release entitled Chasing Fireflies was recorded in Newfoundland and was nominated for 4 MIANL awards.  Sara and Kamila have also received grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the MIANL in support of their writing and performances


Music in the family: Sara, Kamila, and sister Ariana playing together in 1997.
Charcoal drawing by Jan Swaren

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